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The home buying process requires making many important financial decisions, understanding complex issues and completing a lot of paperwork. Because of this it helps to have an expert in your corner when undertaking such a large purchase. As your real estate agent, it is my job to not only guide you through the process, but make sure this complex process runs as smooth as possible. Below are three steps to start you on the right foot as you begin your search for your dream home.

1. Reflect
Take a couple of minutes and answer these questions. Think to yourself:

Why do I want to buy?
Has my income grown?
Can I afford to buy?
Then make two lists. One list includes items you must have (i.e., number of bedrooms, yard...) and the other is your wishes, things you would like to have (i.e., pool, den, layout...) but that are not absolutely necessary.

2. Gather
The next step is to get your financials in order.

Meet with a mortgage banker and find out how much you can afford to pay for a home.
Check your credit rating.
Build a “green file” - a file containing all of your important financial documents. Typical green files should contain: financial statements, bank accounts, investments, credit card statements, auto loans, recent pay stubs, and tax returns for the past two years.

3. Explore
Now it is time to actually start your search. I've found that the best way to get to know the vibe of a neighborhood is to visit.

Take a quick drive through the neighborhood
Talk to the neighbors
Visit during the day and night, on a weekday and weekend
Eat in a local restaurant
Check out the local newspaper and the neighborhood blog

Home Buying Process

Home Buying Process

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